The Science

Our philosophy starts with science. When it comes to haircare, our products harness the power of prebiotics to improve the health of your scalp's microbiome for the glossiest Straands yet.

Your scalp microbiome is an extension of your skin microbiome and both thrive in healthy environments. The key difference is the scalp biome has an extra layer of intelligence as each hair follicle has its own microbiome.

By embracing the power of prebiotics, you can reap the benefits and improve your scalp health as well as the vitality of your hair.

Our chief prebiotic ingredient in charge of balancing your biome is Defenscalp™ which also combats dry, itchy skin.

The results? Scalp skin and roots are hydrated and ripe for a healthy hair-growing environment.

Our Key Ingredients

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DefenscalpTM is a powerful rosebay extract designed to gently affect the scalp ecosystem and improve the appearance of hair, where there is less flaking of scalp and reduced sebum production.

Defenscalp naturally regulates the malassezia species proliferation while preserving the scalp microbiota to maintain a healthy flake free non-oily looking scalp and hair with no unwanted side effects.


Strengthens hair against breakage, improves hair manageability and boosts volume.

Holds incredible humectant properties, with the ability to fully penetrate the hair cuticle, pullwater from the air, and improve moisture retention in the hair shaft.


Moisturizes the hair while also protecting against dryness, breakage and split ends.

Nourishes the scalp.

Rich in vitamins and minerals which nourish the hair, including vitamin C, B and E and copperand zinc


Reduces hair porosity while strengthening it from within resulting in healthier and shinier hair.

Increases your hair’s ability to receive and retain moisture.

Helps reduce breakage, eliminates frizz and tangles and makes your hair appear fuller.

Leaves a protective film that protects against daily stresses.

Holds anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe the scalp. 


Moisturizes the hair and improves texture and appearance.

Increases the hair's resilience to breakage and split ends.

Treats and soothes dry, irritated scalp.


Enhances the appearance and feel of the hair by increasing hair body, suppleness, sheen.

Improves the texture of damaged hair.