Your Top 5 Scalp Care Questions, Answered.

Your Top 5 Scalp Care Questions, Answered.

Discover why scalp care has gained a cult following, what scalp care products are in right now and why it’s making waves.

If you're familiar with us, you'll know that skincare has now extended beyond the face and to the top of your scalp too.

Think of it like a new set of mind body rituals and products designed to support, soothe and balance your scalp, scalp health is arguably the biggest new beauty category to come out of the post-pandemic era.

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Born out of the rise of scalp stress and hair loss from the Covid-19 isolation period and coupled with the return to ritualized self care at home, scalp care was born.

Beyond the products, scalp health is also steeped within the self care scene too. As a concept, scalp care aims to take the salon experience of sensual zen inducing rituals, activating ingredients, and long dexterous head massages.

With some people calling the movement the ‘skinification of hair care,’ (we are some people ;) ) scalp health as a niche seeks to recognize the scalp in its own right by introducing a separate skincare routine that extends beyond the hairline to the top of head too.

Research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that using scalp specific treatments to intentionally improve scalp health also works to reduce hair thinning and hair loss.

Lead researcher of the study, Dr Melissa Piliang concluded, “a healthy scalp is a fertile field… like having good soil for your hair to grow, whereas if inflammation on the scalp exists (in the form of yeast overgrowth, itchiness) it may impede hair growth and contribute to shedding.”

The same study also found participants were “very happy with how their hair looked.” You already know healthy hair starts with healthy roots.

Arguably the buzzword on everyone’s lips, #scalphealth, and scalp content is fast taking over ‘gut health’ and becoming a viral trend in its own right, with 258 million searches on TikTok alone (according to Croda).

With China leading the way as fast adopters, a Mintel study reported that 94 per cent of Chinese consumers already see scalp care as essential as skin care.

The same report also looked at what drivers were leading to the popularity and motivators for purchasing scalp and hair care. It found the following elements - including ‘nourishing as an important aspect of cleaning’, ‘scent’,’ ‘fixing fragile hair through amending a unhealthy scalp,’ ‘positive brand attitudes’, ‘gender neutral scalp care’ and ‘an approach that takes a more delicate routine’ important elements when choosing scalp care. 

Joe Yu, a Chinese beauty consumer said he sees scalp care as an investment in self care. “I spend as much money on my hair as I do on my face… I have fine hair and a sensitive scalp due to my long hours (at work) so I need products that can give me volume without causing stress for the skin underneath” (Beauty Inc).

Closer to home, we spoke to beauty influencer Leigh Campbell, podcast host of You Beauty and former Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan to find out why she loves us and scalp care, especially now. 

“This year the trend is all about scalp health and for good reason, because a healthy scalp means healthy hair! I probably don’t need to tell you much, as you’ve probably seen the hype about it on socials… but the STRAAND shampoo has a lot of hype around it because: it’s delicious, it’s got jojoba oil, is full of prebiotics and promotes a healthy microbiome on the scalp so you can grow healthy hair.”

She’s also a big fan of the scalp care movement as a whole, with the new wave towards ritualized tools like scalp brushes and towel turbans adding new notable additions to her pre and post shower routine.

“The microfiber towel is a favorite because using your regular bath towel will cause friction on hair and [normal towels] are not actually that absorbent. Whereas a microfiber towel is more gentle on the hair and absorbs a lot more water.”

“The scalp massager (aka Exfoliating Scalp Brush) also helps stimulate blood flow and just feels amazing - but the shampoo is the hero product. It’s like a mint for your hair, it’s amazing. Check it out!”

Scalp serum is set to be the next big thing launching in the crown care category. Consider it the antidote to all scalp stress woes. 

Designed to repair the scalp microbiome and strengthen the surface layer of scalp skin. The Crown Fix works to repair stress and strain from hairstyles (cornrows, braids and tight pony’s) and mental toll, while actively removing urban debris and product build up to keep your scalp microbiome balanced.

Afterall, scalp care is the new skincare. 

[words] Sam Bailey

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